Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby Gap.

Ok. Let's talk about this. Yesterday evening, in the humble restaurant of Nick's Pizza, a boy, not naming names, was saying his farewells, and bid his friend..(no names mentioned her for privacy reasons)... but a fellow classmate of ours...lets call him Person X, adieu. His manner of saying goodbye to Person X, was actually quite rude. He said "Later, BabyGap." Come on people. How mean is that, calling someone BabyGap for the way he looks or his height and body type! Seriously. That's like calling a teenage girl with low self-esteem Lane Bryant or some little obese boy The Burger King or something completely rude like that. Person X seemed to remain cool and collected. The 5 waitresses on this Friday evening, were completely disturbed by this. No one can make fun of Person X and his height, except those girls. Not only that, the boy has not been working there very long to have developed this sort of joke around relationship for Person X. I mean the whole BabyGap comment was absolutely hilarious. It makes perfect sense, but it's just one of those things you shouldn't say in public. All I have to say is don't worry Person X, those girls got your back! We really are proud of how you assessed the situation.

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rugs1044 said...

aw poor person x....he sounds like a great kid, you know, really knows how to handle himself in rough situations. Its great you girls got his back though.