Monday, March 3, 2008


Now I know that I have blogged about memories before. But these memories are different. These are our memories of high school. In 3 months, life is going to change. We will no longer be walking the halls of UEHS saying hello to people we grew up with. So as our days are dwindling down I would like to take a moment and recap on some of my favorite memories.
10. Pissing off librarians for my gum popping
9.Senior locker area.
8.Senior studyhalls, even when its not your scheduled period.
7.Mrs. Penna and the KE!
6.Broz class. She hated us all. If only she knew how we felt!
5. Americans going to Italy
4.Italians coming to America
3. Mr. Friend and his honors classes
2.Lunch detention with Marisa after having a paper towel roll fight during a biology lab.
1.Steve Wasko yelling I was a bitch in OIPs on a Friday because I said he couldn't get a girlfriend if he continued the loud and obnoxious burps. Everyone turned around and that lunch was silent.
0. Mrs. Krieger's communications class!

Highschool has definitely been a wonderful experience full of memories. It will be hard leaving friends and teachers to whom you have grown so close with. But I think we are all ready to move on in our lives.

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