Monday, March 3, 2008


Now I know that I have blogged about memories before. But these memories are different. These are our memories of high school. In 3 months, life is going to change. We will no longer be walking the halls of UEHS saying hello to people we grew up with. So as our days are dwindling down I would like to take a moment and recap on some of my favorite memories.
10. Pissing off librarians for my gum popping
9.Senior locker area.
8.Senior studyhalls, even when its not your scheduled period.
7.Mrs. Penna and the KE!
6.Broz class. She hated us all. If only she knew how we felt!
5. Americans going to Italy
4.Italians coming to America
3. Mr. Friend and his honors classes
2.Lunch detention with Marisa after having a paper towel roll fight during a biology lab.
1.Steve Wasko yelling I was a bitch in OIPs on a Friday because I said he couldn't get a girlfriend if he continued the loud and obnoxious burps. Everyone turned around and that lunch was silent.
0. Mrs. Krieger's communications class!

Highschool has definitely been a wonderful experience full of memories. It will be hard leaving friends and teachers to whom you have grown so close with. But I think we are all ready to move on in our lives.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Today, I had a huge desire for a strawberry banana smoothie. So my and my mommy went to the good ol' Price Chopper and got some strawberries and bananas along with some other groceries. When we got home, together we made these delicious smoothies. So here I am and I'm going to teach you how to makes these smoothies!
What you need:
4 large strawberries, fresh or frozen
1/2 c. milk
1 ripe banana
5 ice cubes
1 1/2 tsp sugar (opt.)

1. Wash and remove stems from strawberries.
2. Peel banana
3.Combine strawberries, banana, milk and ice.
4.Blend until perfectly smooth.
5.Add sugar.
6.Blend for 1 minute.

Now go try it! It's amazing!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baby Gap.

Ok. Let's talk about this. Yesterday evening, in the humble restaurant of Nick's Pizza, a boy, not naming names, was saying his farewells, and bid his friend..(no names mentioned her for privacy reasons)... but a fellow classmate of ours...lets call him Person X, adieu. His manner of saying goodbye to Person X, was actually quite rude. He said "Later, BabyGap." Come on people. How mean is that, calling someone BabyGap for the way he looks or his height and body type! Seriously. That's like calling a teenage girl with low self-esteem Lane Bryant or some little obese boy The Burger King or something completely rude like that. Person X seemed to remain cool and collected. The 5 waitresses on this Friday evening, were completely disturbed by this. No one can make fun of Person X and his height, except those girls. Not only that, the boy has not been working there very long to have developed this sort of joke around relationship for Person X. I mean the whole BabyGap comment was absolutely hilarious. It makes perfect sense, but it's just one of those things you shouldn't say in public. All I have to say is don't worry Person X, those girls got your back! We really are proud of how you assessed the situation.


Yesterday, I blogged. But unfortunately, forgot to click "publish post". Here was what my Friday post was:

Chocolate cake. Actually dessert. It's the one most amazing thing. It yummy and soft and full of sugar and so absolutely delicious. The way certain cakes just melt in your mouth. Chocolate cake is my favorite. I don't really eat a lot of chocolate, but this cake, in particular, the one from my dads restaurant is out of this work, amazing. Perfect layers of chocolate mousse and that fluffy chocolate-ness. Desserts are all amazing really. Cheesecake, peanut butter pie. The classic italian desserts, tiramisu and cannolis. A-MAZ-ING!
Well after all this chocolate cake talk, I'm going to indulge now in a piece I secretly took from the restaurant!!Yum yum in my tum!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today I must have insulted Adam because of his lame post Wed. night. I don't want to hear about your life and information I already know. So he challenged me to come up with a topic for him to write about. Thinking of topics was very hard, but after I referred to some conversation starter cards Volkswagen has sent to me, I gave him a few choices. Everyone tune in to his post tomorrow. It better be good. And for the record, only Adam gets pizza.

The picture is disturbing, but Adam better hide if this isn't a satisfactory post.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


my entire life I never thought you could make as many nicknames with my name, Maria, as people actually have. My real name is Mariella, but its a bit difficult to pronounce, so my parents shortened it to Maria and thats what people have called me. But over the years I have gotten a number of nicknames. When I was about 7, my mother called me Mars. She liked Mars Bars so I think that's where she got it from. That trickled down to my older and younger sisters. In the 4th grade, Jourdana started calling my Mia, like Mia Hamm. That lasted a while and thats what she still calls me to this day. My little sister then moved to Mary Pie, where she got that, god only knows. Adam Pav began called me Maria Sofia. Then it may have been Pav or someone else started calling me Concetta Cheese after they learned my nickname was Concetta (con-cch-eet-ta). My sisters moved to calling me Mary or Marieh (ma-re-eh). Not Marie, I don't really like that name for myself. The most recent are ella from my best friend, Brittany Danek and Tony Seliga has joined the group that calls me Mary. So nicknames are fun. It's a little hard to get used to all the names but I love them!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This blog by Gluten-Free Girl is very interesting. It's a blog giving out recipes and is all about food and what people who can not eat food with gluten can do to substitute. The pictures look yummy and the recipes are quite interesting. I think this blog is great for people who have this dilemma and need to spice up their gluten- free life. I really appreciate the blog because up until a few months ago, I didn't even know the condition existed until my father added gluten-free pasta on the menu at the restaurant. I never realized that there were so many gluten-free people. Check out the blog for more!