Wednesday, February 27, 2008


my entire life I never thought you could make as many nicknames with my name, Maria, as people actually have. My real name is Mariella, but its a bit difficult to pronounce, so my parents shortened it to Maria and thats what people have called me. But over the years I have gotten a number of nicknames. When I was about 7, my mother called me Mars. She liked Mars Bars so I think that's where she got it from. That trickled down to my older and younger sisters. In the 4th grade, Jourdana started calling my Mia, like Mia Hamm. That lasted a while and thats what she still calls me to this day. My little sister then moved to Mary Pie, where she got that, god only knows. Adam Pav began called me Maria Sofia. Then it may have been Pav or someone else started calling me Concetta Cheese after they learned my nickname was Concetta (con-cch-eet-ta). My sisters moved to calling me Mary or Marieh (ma-re-eh). Not Marie, I don't really like that name for myself. The most recent are ella from my best friend, Brittany Danek and Tony Seliga has joined the group that calls me Mary. So nicknames are fun. It's a little hard to get used to all the names but I love them!


adampav said...

i think it was trevor who found out your middle name then told me, and i added the cheese, because it sounds like a good type of cheese anyway...ya i got like 10 nicknames from my uncles and dad and everyone my post today Maria sofia

rugs1044 said...

duh i definatly call your mars.