Sunday, February 24, 2008

Play Time!

So yesterday and most of today my computer internet service was wacko so I only feel it necessary to post tonight! So today I went down in Allentown, PA to spend time with the few cousins I have here in America. All day all I did was play games and I have taken into careful consideration how fun games actually are. I played games with little kids and older adults and it was very entertaining. Growing up, I loved the board game Candy Land, Princess Lolly is my favorite. I hadn't played it until today and I actually had forgotten how freaking cool it is. Always hated Monopoly because the game never ended so we didn't even attempt that one. Chutes and Ladders. Cranium. Apples to Apples. Foosball. Pool. Some card games. Like seriously, I really forgot how awesome games are. I mean real, not Wii games. I felt like a kid again today and I loved it! So when the John Tesh Radio Show tells you to play games, do it!

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