Monday, February 25, 2008

art for fun!

So as I was playing on the StumbleUpon site this site came up. It is the coolest site. All you have to do is play with your mouse and movie it around and click and colors and paint come on. Its fun for artsy and not so artsy people. Try it! If you want a clean canvas just press any key on your computer. Heres the site! Enjoy!

Another really cool blog is by Mr. Picassohead. Its not so much this person telling a story or discussing something, its you as the visitor creating art. There are various categories to choose from and colors and with all these shapes you create works of art that are much like Picasso. There's an entire gallery. Really cool. Check it out.

If art isn't your thing, try this. I don't want to go into detail But its possible to win, I did (after10 minutes)

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