Friday, February 22, 2008

Back in our day.

ok. Ypu know the times that we talk and say "remember when we were young...." and adults look at us and think we are crazy because we are still young and have had no experience? But I was thinking we are getting pretty old. I mean most of us are 17 and 18. And yes, we have so much more to live through with college, and careers and families and the list can go on. But really take a look at the past 18 years and we really have lived through a lot.
I bet you all you used to play pongs or pods, ( those little round thingys that you would throw that heavy metal circle thing on the stack of paper circle things). All of us girls played with Barbies and wore those shiny butterfly clips in our hair. TY beanie babies. Ninja Turtles. Star Wars. Furbys. Tae-Bo. Skating ( Skate Estate), Tickle Me Elmo. Gum ball machines. Powerpuff Girls! Many of us wore WWJD bracelets.We all wanted to read the books that won the Newberry Award. Swing sets. Highland Park and all the Carousels. The crazy Disney movies that everyone loved. Brittney Spears, N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys craze. Janet Jackson, Boys II Men, Spice Girls, Hooty and the Blow Fish, Hanson. Titanic. Forrest Gump. VCRs. Full House, Family Matters, California Dreams, The Waynes Brothers. Oprah Winfrey. Martha Stewart. Bill Gates. The huge desktop computers like Gateway and IBM. Billy Clinton and his gf Monica in the White House, The first Bush, OJ Simpson, Columbine High School, I mean the list of our young lives can go on forever.
Now look. Ipods, computers, text messaging, AIM, BLOGS, facebook, emails, youtube, having jobs, parties, downtown. Young Bush, school shootings, DVDs, etc...Our lives have dramatically changed with the times. So I mean we are still young, but I guess you can't say we didn't live through nothing!


MemphisKell said...

Very nice entry. I remember when I was 17. I loved the fact that I could say, "I remember 10 years ago when..." It's good to pay attention to the little things that make your day to day life special.

lizayouloveit said...

Maria I love this blog!!! I think about stuff like that all the time its nice that someone else realized it and actually brought it to others attention.

Tony Seliga said...

Tae-Bo made up much of my early childhood.