Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Physical Education

When our class assignment was to talk about education I immediately thought of our physical education classes, i.e. gym. In all my years as a student never once have I felt that I was doing something worthwhile during my p.e. classes. I always participated to get the grade and not lose my 5 points. Now after actually being presented with the topic of education I thought about how I would express myself. I believe that in gym we shouldn't have to play pickle ball,dodge ball or other lame fitness Friday sports that our gym teachers come up with. Instead I think we should develop units in gym that better ourselves. We should learn more about our bodies and how to make them last longer! I mean we are forced to focus on other subjects during our school day that the information will most likely not be useful to us later in our lives. I think our schools need to spend a little more time perfecting our physical education and actually teaching the students about physical wellness.
Well after writing this blog and surfing youtube I came across this 5 min video exactly expressing what I believe. Its a big long but very interesting and well done.

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