Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So as I was doing my homework that i failed to do yesterday, I was having some trouble because I kept elbowing my little sister right next to me. So I feel it is only "right to write" about being left. Growing up and first learning to write, I would automatically use my left. For a while my parents tried to change me, but eventually gave up. And as I grow older I become more frustrated with all the things "lefties" must do differently than "righties". I mean lefties can only sit in specific places to make themselves and others comfortable when writing or eating to avoid bumping elbows. We have special scissors. When we write on paper from left to right our hand smears the ink. The most commonly used buttons on a computer (shift, enter, and backspace) are conveniently placed on the right of the keyboard. When we write in 3- ring binders, the rings constantly get in the way. Bike helmet chin-straps are even made so it is easier to release with your right hand! We get different golf clubs, baseball gloves and hockey sticks. And even pants with only one back pocket have it placed on the right side!
But you know "lefties" are so few that we got some good things too! We have our own day dedicated to us, August 13th . Studies show we are more creative and mentally stronger due to challenges we undergo. And there our even famous people on our side! Benjamin Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Robert DiNiro, Nicole Kidman and even Marylin Monroe! So though it sometimes sucks, I guess its not all that bad. Just gets a little frustrating.


Matt Asher said...

My mom and sister are lefties so I know how annoying it can be at times. One random interesting thing is that many hockey players play "lefty." Shooting righty for right handed people allows them to have their dominant hand closer to your blade and generate more power with their slap shots but shooting lefty allows players to have more control of their stick with their upper hand and helps their puck control some and wrist shots. I'd say around half of hockey players in the NHL play opposite what they are. So hockey is one of the few things that being righty or lefty really doesn't matter.

adampav said...

Dont worry Maria Sofia, im a lefty too. Which you forgot to name me under famous leftys...but i agree 100% we are way better and do have it harder, my parents always tried to switch me to be a righty when i was younger..kinda like they didnt love me..but i moved on because i stayed true to all the lefty's out there..we will live on!