Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'll take you there!

I think the coolest thing would be if you could go anywhere, whenever. Like a portal. For example, we got the week off from school. If it was possible, I'd be in Italy right now. You wouldn't have to pay for a plane ticket or anything. Just for the door to be installed. Jump in the door and WAllAHHhh..... Italy! Get to spend the week with the family. It should be able to work for whatever. Social studies. Actually go back and watch good ol' Tommy J write that Constitution. How freaking sweet!!! This is gonna be my new idea for the Invention Convention! Anyone got any questions, comments, concerns or suggest, you know where to find me!

1 comment:

StalePhish said...

This kinda sounds familiar. Oh yeah they just made a movie called Jumper. You might like it (i didn't) considering it shares the same idea as you.